The AFC is a family run gym with my wife Kerry & daughter Molly taking care of reception and my daughter Erin and myself teaching along with long standing black belts. The AFC was established in 1994 and we've been at our present gym since 2000. We pride ourselves in having a gym that feels like home and has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere but we train hard and have fun along the way.


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GBH Boxing

We will teach you Boxing Foot movement Defensive movement Sparring The class…

Terrapins, Tigers, Dragons & Teen Classes

  The Terrapins (4-6 years old) Tigers (6-8 years old)  Dragons (8-12)…


Ninjutsu is taught today as part of Budo Taijutsu, it is a…


We teach kickboxing skills covering punches, kicks, blocks, slips, bob, weaves and…

Switched On – Self Defence

Each area of self defence is covered in-depth so that you can…

Private Classes

Private tuition can be taught on any of the arts available in…



My name is John Atkin I live In Newcastle (England) with My…

John Atkin

Name: John Atkin D.O.B. 31/01/70 Training since: 1983 Status: Owner/Instructor Grades: Chief…

Bookable Courses

Switched On Self-Protection At the AFC we teach self-protection for all walks…



No more Mister nice guy!

Why do people seem to be using covid/lockdown as an excuse to not give a SHIT! Since Covid, people have seemed to become all about themselves, and not even consider anyone else in their lives, or business practices. Both myself and Kerry have noticed this in our private lives, through the AFC and I feel we are not alone. During Covid and the lockdowns, we tried to keep the business afloat, so that we had a business to go back to, which we found very hard at times . When we were closed, we worried about how our business would […]


Most times in my weekly routine of work home life I had to fit in gardening while working around the British weather. You would have to cut your grass on a day off, when it was dry, and as fast as you can so you didn’t get rained on half way through; lockdown changed all that. When lockdown happened there was a frenzy of activity, doing DIY and all the odd jobs you were leaving until you had time and the garden seemed to be on this list. As we got further into the lockdown we realised that if we […]

Friday morning spelling test

I loved school, but had some bad experiences in primary school. My worst memory of primary school was waking up on a seat in the yard in the rain after cutting my finger with a balsa knife and passing out! What made matters worse was, the ‘trained’ first aider thought it would be best to put me in a seat in the middle of the yard in the rain to get me to pull around! No wonder I’ve had a problem with needles and passing out ever since. The one that stays with me to this day was the barbaric […]

Youth Conference

Late last year, I was introduced to a lovely lady by the name of Theresa Cave. Sadly, Therea’s son Chris was killed due to knife crime, which prompted her to start a campaign to educate people about the dangers of knives and how we can help the communities of today. She asked me to be part of the First Youth Conference which was held in Redcar; I jumped at the chance to help. The day came and I woke up at 7.15am (damn bladder) sorted out my bag, got petrol and set off for Redcar. It was very windy on […]