Training to be you!

When you are younger you are more willing to try new things , one week it is skateboarding the next it is football and the list goes on but it’s a brave kid that does not follow the crowd into the next ‘new thing’. Since I was young (yes I was) I have always followed my own path, in training and in life. I was proud of the lime green socks I wore for high school or that I was friends with everyone not just the popular kids. I recently went to my years 25th Re-Union; there was  great cross […]

Unsung Heroes

Everyone was to be a Black belt and everyone wants to be at the head of the class, but what about the people at the front of the class; what got them there and what do they take on when they get there..? I remember training when I was much younger (no laughing) as a white belt thinking any grade above me was the best place to be not thinking as you go through the grades you have more to learn not less. But at that time break falls and strikes was about my max to worry about, don’t land […]

The problem with being a Ninja…

Over the years I have been called many names (no not those names) about being involved with Martial Arts and Ninjutsu most times I have taken a lighthearted view of this but sometimes it can really P*** you off! There have been many a time that people have passed on regards to “Ninja John”, thinking that it does not bother me, NEWS FLASH IT DOES! If I took something that you love to do and be part of for most of your life and threw it back in your face with an off the cuff remark how would you feel? Yes that’s right […]

Has the Martial gone from Mixed Martial Art?

Watching the MMA scene develop over the last few years I have seen an ugly side of the martial arts that has come from the MMA world! That sounds like a bad statement to make as I love the world of martial arts and the world of MMA but please hear me out!! I have talked about the rise of the MMA scene and the rise of the MMA fighter…the by-product of this is the cage fighter! The cage fighter is a strange beast usually spotted in Tesco’s with big carpet carrying stance with cage fighter or a Tapout top strutting like a peacock in the lager aisle […]

Smooth Talking

5K run, 1000 throws, 1000 sword cuts or a sponsored sparring marathon. When you think of Martial Arts for charity that’s what you think of but not…WAXING. We wanted to find something “fun” to do to raise money for a very special school that helps so many children in a very positive way. Rob Rebair who has been a very close friend for a long time and one of the A.F.C. longest training black belts (4th Dan) works at the school as a teaching assistant and brought are attention to the needs of the school. My lovely wife Kerry and niece Amy that front […]