Down and Out?

Captains log from the sofa………Day 5 Sitting with my leg on a cushion unable to bend, black and blue stiff and gutted! Life was not always this way….. Wed the 6th of March I was having a great day teaching classes as normal, many of which used my left leg as a target to practise timing, distance and power kicks (ouch!) The life of a martial arts coach is at most times painful, letting people practise the fighting moves on your body like a cheap whore; only joking! Sometimes people go out of their way to kick you as hard […]

Chasing Twisters…

The UFC was once again coming to Manchester, England, great fights on GMT so a UFC night was on the plans for the Atkin household, but more importantly the UFC coming means Eddie Bravo was in the country! And he was holding a course before the show! Game on……. 10th Planet Jiu-jitsu was really taking off all over the world; Bushido MMA was the place to be at 11am on Saturday 14th of November, come hell or high water, I would make it there. After sorting out instructors to cover classes I had arranged to meet Neil Foggin and Paul […]