In memory of my dad (THE STARS ALIGN Jan 16th 2008)

THE STARS ALIGN Wednesday 16th January 2008. 9.15pm I was just leaving the gym after another day of classes and was heading to the old George, the AFC’s resident pub when I had a double take on a group of people out side the kebab shop. When you see someone that you know but don’t know your brain goes haywire, which was what happened because the group was BJ Penn and his training team!! I said hello and asked if I could have a photo with him! BJ being BJ said no problem, Simon took the photo with his phone […]

things to do

things I did not do After every year comes to an end you spend your time sitting and reflecting on what goals you had set and the things you were going to do and whether or not you did them. When you are younger the 6 weeks holiday was a lifetime of endless days and Christmas was a mix of fun excitement and family time as you get older it is true what people say the years get faster and faster , sometimes as if it was a roundabout I would like to get off. Goal setting is a good […]