Remember the now

People talk about the past and how it was much better, they hate their job, and they feed this negative cycle. They create their life so they can change it how about live in the now not the past. I try to enjoy the time I have with friends and family to do things that make me happy and try not to mind what people think. I should not worry if we can afford something or if we can what will people think. I would say I am past caring what people think of me and my life but I […]

Young and insecure Vs old, Wise and still learning

When I was young (I was lol) I would worry a lot and work myself up until I made myself ill , sometimes sitting alone with my thoughts created mountains out of mole hills and dragons out of lizards. I was very insecure about myself and how I looked. As a teenager I developed a hairy chest and was (and still am) very conscious about taking my top off (only seen while gardening and on the beach) but due to a re-occurring sweat rash I have to shave my chest and apply cream to clear the rash up! (Problem solved […]