The hidden art of the Ninja

THE HIDDEN ART OF THE NINJA I live the life of a full time ninja, I spend my days training with weapons and learn how to kill people and teach others to do the same This was pointed out to me one morning when I was taking my oldest daughter Molly to school due to the ‘Heavy Rain’ that would ruin this morning’s hair creation. I was asking her what classes she would be doing and she said “Maths, English, History and then later P.E” then she asked what classes I had so I said “Grappling, Sword work, Ninjutsu, Kickboxing, […]

Learn to kick ass girls

Learn to kick ass girls This is a subject close to my heart as I have a lovely wife and two amazing daughters, a half a dozen nieces and a gaggle of women in my life. Growing up in the 70’s we used to all play outside until we got the final call to come in (normally sounding like a death threat) so we would promise to get back to the game of hide and seek or British bulldog the following evening. Days were spent playing outside running in for money for the ice-cream man and chasing him down with […]