Stiff and over 40……

This statement sounds good if you look at it one way (think about it) But once you have removed your head from the gutter I will continue. Suffering from a bad back for many years due to millions of bad falls and kicks and groundwork, getting squashed on a regular basis tends to hurt after awhile, I have come to the decision that I need to stretch more often. I have not taken this decision lightly I have skirted around it and ignored it and even blatantly denied it! I have done all of the ‘special core training’ that people […]

Live life like a child

“Grow up!” is a thing you will hear a lot as a child and “act your age” among other classic sayings; But why should I grow up to be Normal! Sometimes you have to think like a child and be childlike in your views rather than the beige type people society wants you to be. When I teach my children’s classes you have to become a child (no great leap!) communicating with them at their level so that they understand you. Make things fun in your teaching and reward them for good behavior but also teach right from wrong. We […]