Standing waiting in a queue for a night club has to be one of the best times of your life (or is that just me?) I would waiver my doorman privileges unless Kerry made me due to the rain or in need of the loo. If you have ever been a doorman you had an unspoken rule that the nightclub door staff would let in other doorman as a sign of good will and statue in the pub and club social scene, this usually goes with the doorman hand shake, hug (manly one) and the usual mock fighting, things you […]

These are the day’s legends are made

Alarm set for 6am, watch a little bit of TV have a wee and off to sleep, only to be rudely awakened by the alarm 5 minutes later (it always feels like that). I get up wash, brush my teeth as Kerry stirs and little Nev looks confused why we are getting out of a nice comfortable bed?  Kerry pops some clothes on and Nev runs into Erin’s bed room and jumps on her bed, thinking option B of going back to sleep is better than option A, getting up! But when he realises we are leaving he wants to […]