Is it important?

What is important to you? What do you want to do? And how to get it! This is a bold statement for my early morning train journey to London but each statement above will affect your life in so many ways. Stephen Covey the author and motivational speaker (an amazing man) said you can order your life to free up space into these four sections. Important/urgent Important/unurgent Unimportant/urgent Unimportant/unurgent These take a little thought to get your head around but I will try to explain Important/urgent Your child gets something stuck in their throat and is choking! This is something […]

47 and one week

This may mean nothing to you but my life changed with these numbers; my dad died then. This head ache has been following me around for a few weeks now and over the years I have come to expect it, my subconscious is fighting a battle with my conscious not to let me get upset and break down in floods of tears. My heart ache is repeated year after year since my dad’s passing, I try to push it to one side but it just slowly creeps back in like the cancer that killed him. My concentration is not good […]