One hour per week

How many hours do you work in a week, is it 20, 30, 40 or more? What do we do with our time when we are not at work; some people come to learn martial arts. I see it as my duty to give 100% to each class I teach whether it is a private class or group. Firstly, I have a system set up in my brain that makes me remember the class I have previously done; It is my shoe shop. In my mind, I run a shoe shop where all my students have a shoe box full […]

Toy Story

Sitting waiting for a private class to come in and my mind drifts to how many times I have sat on the floor waiting for people to come and learn the arts I teach. My mind drifts back to all the people I have taught in my martial arts career, when I made the leap to teach fulltime, there were very few instructors making a living at doing that unlike today; martial arts have become so like the consumer culture of today;   A toyshop of Martial arts. I think back to when I started the arts, I had to […]