Saturdays at the AFC…. Organised chaos

The Alarm goes off and little Nev licks my feet just in case I fall back to sleep, I get up put some clothes on and take him for his morning walk full of sniffing things, weeing and a poop bag full of last nights tea, then meet Kerry at the car so she can drive me to work with Nev on my knee. As I get dropped off with Nev wondering where I am going and why he is not allowed to come I go to Gregg’s for a sausage sandwich and a full fat coffee (naughty) and head […]


“I still don’t feel great!” I kept saying a few weeks after I had what I thought was a viral infection. I need to get this sorted. A few weeks earlier on the Tuesday morning I was walking over the bridge coming from Manors car park like I had done a million times before, but this time it was different, I felt like I could not walk well my body just didn’t want to respond; I felt so ill. I made it to the gym and taught a couple of classes then my current class said I should go home. […]

Virus or reset?

I am sitting here on a Tuesday afternoon after a week and a half of lockdown due to the Coronavirus that has swept from China across the world, and created a worldwide pandemic. Planes are grounded, travel is banned, you have to queue 2 metres apart when you go shopping, people are panic buying food like we are going to war! We are in a way. Some things are getting hard to get, we are restricted on our movements with the government telling us to stay indoors and stay safe. We can only go out for essential food and medication, […]