A whistle stop review of the advanced fighting centre in 2011, what a year!

The year started off the same as any other year, apart from the large amounts of snow we endured during the latter end of 2010; everyone is paying back Christmas but have an eye on training hard and finding what they could fit into their budget. The scrap pack fight team came into the year a little on the chubby side (lol) and it took the best part of January and February to get them into fighting shape!

When you have some time off at Christmas you should ease into the year carefully so you do not over train or injure yourself just because you or your partner are over keen to get back into full on sparring! Work on techniques and progressive drills, then, when your fitness, timing and technique is better, then you can spar (unlike the unscheduled bouts you may have see or been involved in at the bigg market over the season of ‘good will’).

Our first major event of the year was Sean Bollinger from 10th planet Riverside (lets go) seminar in the gym.  Sean and his assistant, Jeremy, explained the system in perfect detail and the gym was packed with open minded Martial Artists (that makes a change) listening and learning. We topped the day off by taking Sean and Jeremy to the Supremacy fight show as guests and showed them great hospitality (we got them very drunk) while they watched the AFC’s Paul Holmes win via a 10th Planet move in the 1st round of his fight.

March saw the AFC surrounded by ninjas! Keith Porter came up for his Birthday Bash (it’s his Birthday and we get Bashed!) showing us the sleek skills that makes him one of the most sort after Ninjitsu coaches in world.

April saw the scrap pack and over 60 supporters travel to Hull via trains, planes and automobiles (I lied about the planes) to see the fight on Alan Orrs 10th Legion Fight show. We had 1 win and 3 losses but we enjoyed the fights and the night out was to become legendary as we enjoyed a fun filled evening in Hull’s gay scene. The images of ‘hardcore’ fighters with their tops off on mass, complete with Drag Queen will stay with me for the rest of my days. I was so proud of them – we came, we fought, we danced to Abba!!

May saw the Atkin’s family trip to Florida, taking in Disney World and the other theme parks – Cocoa Beach and the Kennedy Space Centre; a trip of a lifetime and also the first time I had been on a 2 week holiday leaving my baby (the gym) in the safe hands of Rob and Dave to cover ninjitsu and Malla to look after the MMA side with my niece Amy cracking the whip to keep them in order!

Not long after we drove headlong into a hectic schedule of black belt training with Keith Porter and participated in numerous fight shows where the hard work the scrap pack put in during the summer started to pay off when some great wins were earned for all of their hard work.

September saw us back in Hull with 2 wins and 1 home town dec (don’t you just hate that) but as Dana White says – don’t leave it to the judges! Lee Campbell won via triangle in the 3rd round, Mickey Cotcher won by the mother of all ko’s in 24 sec’s and Paul Gibbs lost in a war of a fight. The night out was lead by Paul showing off his huge black eye with great pride!

October ‘s highlights were training with Sean Bollinger again , training with the amazing Master Crezio and Alex Garcia ( see last blog) coming to the gym and teaching the MMA class (priceless). Then in November Keith Porter was back up again only I was sidelined due to illness and had to watch. Gutted! 

Two more fight shows, one where Mickey “3rd Degree” Burns won by rear naked choke in the 2nd round  that as we go to press has put him in line for a title fight in late February. The Last fight show was on the 26th of November where Mickey Cotcher fought against a 20 stone ebf boxing champion (Mickey is a light weight at 16st 8lbs, LOL) where, after breaking his hand with his first punch, continued to box until the end of the fight, narrowly losing a split decision. What heart to fight on and even press the action I was so proud of him.

December sees us putting up decorations and planning next year; the Calendar is getting full already.

It was quite a year and it seemed to go all too fast, I have my goals set for next year, have you? I would just like to thank you for reading my blogs, I hope they help and entertain you.  If you want a part in next year’s crazy ride come to the AFC and join in the fun. Perhaps next Christmas I may be writing about you!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

John Atkin

To find out more about The Advanced Fighting Centre visit:http://www.advancedfighting.co.uk/ or e-mail John Atkin at johnatkin24@btinternet.com

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