Back to Basics

Sometimes people say that my techniques are good, smooth and flow (just sometimes ) the response I always say “ I have done this before!” the truth is I do basics in all the arts I teach and train in most days and for many hours. People always want to do the ‘good stuff’ basics are just that basics, but they are missing the point of the whole thing the key to learning the arts are the basics. When you start your path in martial arts, you dream of becoming a ninja master or world champion kickboxer or mma superstar and you hit the ground with a bump when you find that you seem to be doing the same basic moves over and over again and not a glimpse of the amazing moves you have in your head. The basics moves build up like a jigsaw and create a big collection of techniques that make up the art. The odd thing that happens is that as you practise and practise you forget that you struggled with a stance or technique you gradually get better and better at adding the basics together forming a smooth formless pattern. People try to get there faster by cutting corners or flashing the cash to false gods in GI’s to get a black belt faster, but they do not develop their techniques they just follow like sheep and never want to stray out of the comfort zone they have developed. The art of Ninjutsu is a prime example there are many a black belt that can show you a movement and pretend to know it but are paper ninjas that would not be able to defend themselves in real life confrontation. They are full of fancy moves that would not work but because this theory is never tested they go on believing their hype, collecting technique and technique but getting further and further away from the truth of anything in life , the basics are the key to all of life. When you see the you tube clips of these big lunge punches and then someone taking their time and missing their timing as this poor lost soul waits with his arm out until the paper ninja finally decides what he wants to do to him and then try’s his best non tried non tested technique then struts around like a gladiator shouting “Are you not entertained” (I may have made the last bit up) He is still missing the point, we train this lunge type work to help promote better body movement but you can strike from any point “you just need the end bit” as I always say. When you hit someone with a strike it is a basic strike that you have used since day one of your martial arts journey, but the years of striking and practicing the same basic technique is the key to the power in the movement. Training goes full circle when you try to do fancy moves they will not work but if you practice the basics over and over again until you can do them in your sleep is the secret to the movements. I get complemented on how fluid and powerful my movements and I will let you into a secret …….I keep doing the basics, they will work when all of the fancy stuff fails! Basically that is all I have for you this time Until next time Keep it basic John Atkin

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