Everyday Superheroes

Everyday superheroes I sometimes use the quote around the gym and home life “every day you can be a superhero!” Not that I have a superhero outfit ( but I do have the underwear socks ,t-shirts etc. ) but every day you can help inspire people to make their dreams come true, fighting fears and becoming the person they want to be! I always feel it is an honor to teach people and in that I will always give 100% too my teaching above and beyond the call of duty, because that is the way you should teach in my eyes. Every day I come into contact with amazing superhero type characters (THOR, THE HULK…) Some amazing people live in my life that in my eyes are super heroes for what they do! Kerry , my lovely wife puts up with me and my sometimes grumpy tired and huffy ways as she says “everyone else gets the best of me and she gets the worse” It is true you do hurt the ones you love from time to time because they are there yet they still love you, sorry Kerry I will get better, I am a working progress and I love you for putting up with me, and how you deal with your illnesses and physical challenges and you won’t give in (stubborn) attitude (she has one of them ) to life! As a parent I now know the struggle it is to have kids. They grow out of everything, they want everything on the Christmas list that you (with the help of Santa) try your best to give them. We provide for them like our parents did for us, when the worst thing that has happened to your child in the day is no internet connection (causing major trauma) you are doing alright bringing your children up. Sometimes parents are too hard on themselves remembering days gone by when if you want to school with the wrong trainers or coat on, the stigma and ridicule could last until the trendy ones were bought and modeled catwalk style down the corridors. Tremendous pressures on parents feeling you must provide certain level of things and also shield your child from the worries about jobs, money, home and lifestyle always wearing your super parent costume for your children and your normal clothes for everyday life is a hard balance to deal with! What if it all got too much in the relationship and the family unit broke down leading to separation I have known mothers & fathers that have been beaten down to the depths of depression while their ex partners turn into evil villains using children as weapons, Just to hurt them and in turn watch the mother/fathers being pushed to the point of despair but as I have seen time and time again the superhero parent fights tooth and nail to see their children, to be part of their lives even when the mud throwing makes it look like a mudslide they rise above this like Ironman and Wonder women they come out the other end not unlike the Hulk , controlling their anger for the sake of their children. One amazing superhero I know would have loved to have had children of his own but before that happens, I watch with great pride every Saturday he struggles in, masking his aches and pains like every superhero does to help inspire the little dragons and tigers clubs , I watch with amazement at how they take to this gentle giant and how he interacts with them , a thumbs up from him makes their week and fills my heart with admiration that even though he is fighting his own painful battle he puts on a smile and passes on his knowledge to the future generation! There are fighters in the AFC scrap pack, that for anyone that has had the privilege to be part of fight prep will tell you, they train hard at the art of fighting yet the same people I watch pick up the fighters spirit when they are down A student once told me “You know you’re at a great gym with great people when instead of exploiting your weaknesses during sparring they point out your faults and help you work to improve them. It is a privilege to train and learn from such awesome people” # Respect the advanced fighting centre! That sums it up. Until next time Be a super hero! John A (Hulk)

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