In it to help

What did you start Martial Arts for? Self-defence, discipline, Bruce Lee or wanting to become a ninja ( that’s me) as you travel along this path of Martial Arts at some time or another someone is going to ask you to help them with a technique ( unless you are really bad and stay that way) So it natural for you to help people that are having problems. So at what point does that change, when does the ego arrive? “These minions are beneath me i will not help them “or in some cases” you have no more to teach me, I am amazing and everyone else is rubbish!” I had a case a few years ago in Ninjutsu were a young lad that went to Japan as an 8th Kyu came back in under 2 months as a black belt then informed me he had transcended my teachings and i had no more to teach him! Wow the rise of the ego! I tried explain that just because someone gave him that belt (or paid for it) i may have a little more training to offer him! My coach and Mentor, the amazing Keith Porter, tried to have a word with the new black belt on a seminar “down South” and it got to the point he wanted to give him a lesson in manners in the car park after training had ended! The new found black belt did his best work to date and hid from Keith….. I have always wanted to help people, there is no better feeling watching people change in so many ways, not just on the physical but on the mental ( a good few are mental ) and spiritual level, leading them not to be the ultimate goal ( not warrior) but to be a human beings, someone with no ego and to be pleased seeing people grow in the arts and as people! Sometimes when the ego gets too much people leave and they say bad things about me or the AFC it hurts because when you invest time with people you become friends and it hurts like a friend not as a student or training partner and in some ways you tell yourself that you won’t let people hurt you again, you won’t let people in to your heart again so they can’t hurt you But you will because of the nature of the arts people are people not coloured belts, trophy or title! I find this part of the Martial Arts hard, I have feelings so people can hurt me (I am only human) as I say in my children’s classes STICKS AND STONES MAY BREAK MY BONES BUT NAMES WILL ALWAYS HURT ME On the outside you may give the impression that it does not bother you but it creep’s back into your brain to beat you up and hurt you! I have found out this is all part of life, you get hurt and move on and if you dwell on it too much it will bring you down! As Rocky’s says “get up rock because micky loves you! Surround yourself with positive people and help each other gain the goals you have set , help live the dreams you want in your life, be proud of what you have done and what you have helped people to do! Keep your ego locked up or banished to the darkest of corners. We should all grow together in Martial Arts you will bleed, bruise, laugh, cry, be pissed off, be happy and be sad if someone can help you through the bad times and be happy for you in the good times is that too much to ask? At the AFC Kerry and I have made lifelong friends from all walks of life and helped them to be better people that is worth it’s weight in gold! Live life to the full, help people do the same! Until next time Be nice John Atkin

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