Learn to kick ass girls

Learn to kick ass girls This is a subject close to my heart as I have a lovely wife and two amazing daughters, a half a dozen nieces and a gaggle of women in my life. Growing up in the 70’s we used to all play outside until we got the final call to come in (normally sounding like a death threat) so we would promise to get back to the game of hide and seek or British bulldog the following evening. Days were spent playing outside running in for money for the ice-cream man and chasing him down with just enough for a 99 and a snowball. We all played ‘around the doors’ not too far from home because you never know when the full football team would need half time’ dilutee’ pop in an old plastic bottle dragged to the pitch from the Mam café situated at my house (“ I am not feeding the street” was I term I heard quite often but she did ) The kids those days were more switched on to danger because they lived it every day , we walked to primary school or got the bus by ourselves we spent most of our time outside so we became aware of people and we could describe them (the drunk from number 58 among others) If anyone approached us we either used our trainers like Apollo’s wings to run or screamed our head off like Kevin in Home alone. Today’s kids especially girls are totally different with the pout look selfies at every moment and the clown make up that the joker would be proud of Little girls are not little girls anymore. We all seem to bubble wrap them now, like we go out (in the car, out of the car) better than any body guard team could do. When we take them to the beach for a fun day out but are watching out for people with cameras thinking there is a pervert on the beach with us. One day there was a big group of us at Tynemouth longsands, a massive age range from babies to grandparents all enjoy the sun (when you live in the North East you have to take any given day that is sunny to head to the beach while the sun is warm ( but the sea is not). I noticed a man that was walking the length of the beach he looked normal but he had no dog no kids and was somewhat out of place I studied him and noticed he was taking pictures and walking at a very slow pace. We informed the life guards and they radioed the police to cut the man off as he left the far side of the beach, sometimes you have to scan the area and see why someone or something does not fit in and acted on it. The police took then man in the car and checked his photos and to great relief they did not include children, but the police thanked us as the day before the same thing happened but the photos were of children this shows that children could be at risk in this sometimes sick times. On holiday we never let them out of our sight due to abduction fears and I know I can’t stop my daughters growing up but I think it is my duty to teach them to be aware of the bad people out there and what to do to them when they attack you , whether it be verbally or physically. I want to create a healthy state of Fear so that my girls, Kerry, Nieces, friends and every girl I know will use awareness in their daily lives. To give an example, when you walk to your car please have your keys out before you get their (due to the Mary Poppins type bags that most women carry these days) and lock your door straight away to stop someone yanking the car door open when you are trying to get your key in the ignition. Don’t leave a pub or place by yourself to get a taxi or bus don’t take it as sleazy if a man wants to make sure you get in the taxi or bus believe it or not there are still some nice men around . The reason I would suggest this is that if a girl leaves for her taxi by herself anyone could push in if there is a queue or give her hassle or assault her so she may never reach her destination, by the morning when she can’t be found how guilty would the people she was out with feel knowing if they had just put her safely into a taxi she would have been taken home safely. Even use the old peter kay “three rings” to know your safe, so even in the era of no mobile phones they used a system to ensure you were in the house safely. I still don’t know why it was three rings of the phone were they too lazy to pick the phone up and answer you checking your safety rather than this strange system. Although one time I was working on a different door for the weekend when being a nice person could have got me in a whole heap of trouble for not understanding the Girl Code. A barmaid asked me to walk her home due to someone following her and me being me nice, said no worries. When kerry turned up to meet me after my shift the girl decided she was ok for that walk, Kerry bless her had to explain the girl wanted me to “walk her home” me not understand girl code did not think twice about helping this girl home knowing me and kerry would be getting the bus from near her house and it was on the way. Strangely enough when Kerry was having Molly she was put into the bed next to this girl in the maternity ward. Kerry recognised her from the incident and said “you know my Husband “the girl denied this so as I walked in to see Kerry and new born baby Molly I said hello to the girl by name and then there was an awkward silence until kerry told me what had just happened ; Women are weird. As I have just said there is a girl code of which I know little about but I do know how to keep you save. With the phone culture /tagging device we have nowadays, we can use this when you want your daughter (son) to go outside to play in the park or a friend’s house get them to ring or text (ring is best) to say they are there and when they leave ring again so that you have a time line of when they left so you can gage when they should be home , before you start it is very annoying that they don’t pick up the phone to you when your caller i.d comes up due to the phone being picked up 24/7 by you daughter whenever they are tagged poked snapchatted and text (please get used to being less important in media life than a cat that can play a piano) These are little examples of the little things that can keep the women and girls in your life safe but if you want to find out more about kick ass girls or anything about self-awareness look for Switched on Self-protection on facebook and soon to be linked site to the AFC and together we will learn to create a healthy state of fear so that you can safely get on with enjoying your life without fear! Until next time Learn to kick ass John Atkin

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