Live life like a child

“Grow up!” is a thing you will hear a lot as a child and “act your age” among other classic sayings;

But why should I grow up to be Normal! Sometimes you have to think like a child and be childlike in your views rather than the beige type people society wants you to be.

When I teach my children’s classes you have to become a child (no great leap!) communicating with them at their level so that they understand you. Make things fun in your teaching and reward them for good behavior but also teach right from wrong.

We have rules like an adult class but a treat for the children for example we have foam pirate sword to fight with when they have been good but we also have a sin bin guarded by bob our grappling dummy and I get the children to recite the rules i.e.,

2 minutes for roughing it/ being naughty

If you are in twice you leave the class for the day

If you are sin binned every week for 3 weeks we will no longer let you train at the club.

These rules and solve the attitude problem that some children have (We don’t teach bullies).

Sometimes you have to see life through the Childs eyes, like the other day while walking a very excited puppy called Nev (our little cavalier spaniel) we saw a steam train coming down the old train track and on it was a lot of excited children so me and Nev started waving at them (Nev with his paw and me with my hand) they waved back and the smiles on their faces made me realize that we should not forget the feeling you got when you were a child and someone waved back at you …a simple gesture that will makes someone’s day .

I have a green wrangler jeep with U.S decals on it with windows that wind down and I love driving it, it may be quirky (like me) but when a child waves at me I wave back and it makes their day (and mine) My youngest daughter Erin loves sitting in the back and waving at people (my oldest daughter Molly is too cool at 13 to do it) maybe because I whined the windows down and have Elvis at full volume most of the time.

My Amazing wife Kerry always has talked about magic and fairies to our daughters from an early age because she wanted to get them to keep an open mind when it comes to things out off the ordinary; there is nothing more exciting of walking in a forest with your children and see their faces when you tell them that the fairies are watching them or this must have been the start of a fairy path, Amazing as they stand and search for clue around them with wide eyes and wonderment.

 We are a very open family when it comes to spirits, ghosts and the afterlife and our house is proof of this. We have many spirits that have come and visited ranging from family members to a little girl and boy that we sometimes hear running from room to room in search of fun and mischief and we have seen them from time to time, more when our daughters were younger but we still have the odd visitation from time to time to check how the family is getting on.

This openness to the other side is very childlike and some say we were nuts but that openness suits us very well. Try to keep openness in your lives; it is good for your soul so next time you are in the forest, skipping and looking for fairies remember its better thing to do.

 Live life like a child.

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