No more Mister nice guy!

Why do people seem to be using covid/lockdown as an excuse to not give a SHIT!

Since Covid, people have seemed to become all about themselves, and not even consider anyone else in their lives, or business practices. Both myself and Kerry have noticed this in our private lives, through the AFC and I feel we are not alone.

During Covid and the lockdowns, we tried to keep the business afloat, so that we had a business to go back to, which we found very hard at times . When we were closed, we worried about how our business would suffer, then when we re-opened with all the restrictions in place; it was just as difficult as being closed. We watched people after people break the rules in training all around us, while we did everything by the letter of the law (and local government), and we still got complaints made against us! All of the complaints were unfounded and we worked with a lovely lady from the civic centre who helped us in forgeing forward with our business, and made the gym even better than it was!

If I had a pound for every person that told myself and Kerry what other gyms were doing like grappling, sparring, pads, no social distancing ect, we could have had another year off with the money. I had the same story repeated to me by other coaches from around the country that the same thing was happening in their area; why is it that being nice, honest and law-abiding gets you trampled all over by other people.

I have learned through these last 18 months who I should trust and how to treat certain people. No more Mister nice guy. As my good friend, and fellow coach, Garry says “ some people will buy you at one end of the street and sell you at the other”, so true my friend.
I think that my patience with people has worn thin, and now I like the things I like to like, not the things people want me to like. I won’t just share this for that person, or help people because they want me to when the favour is never returned. It might sound that I have become cynical in my old age, but I’m far from it. I now see people for what they truly are: users, and I won’t stand for it any longer. I now say no to things that I don’t want to do, without feeling guilty or feel the need to explain myself to them. This mindset is quite liberating, as I don’t dwell on things for the fear to hurt anyone’s feelings when they don’t give my feelings a second thought, or even ask me how I am or how my family are doing .

This might sound like I am changing the way I treat people, but I will still do anything I can to help people, BUT only the people I care about and want in my life, either in my business or personal life! This has been a hard road full of users and downright ignorant, arrogant people that have helped me to come to this decision; so thank you dickheads.

I thought it was just me that seemed to be letting people irritate me, Kerry got so worried about me she even gave me a crystal bracelet to help me be calmer, but I am not alone. Quite a few of my friends and family say the same, that they are so over people’s treatment of others to a point they have voiced exactly what I have been feeling for a while; we can’t all be mad or wrong.

This might seem to be a rant about things, but to me it is a mission statement for moving forward with my life and business. Both myself and Kerry will not take the bullshit from others, and will go on happily without the negative people but also not put up with the arrogance of people anymore. I would always like things on facebook or instagram but after studying others we have found they don’t like our pictures or stories, and they only contact us when they want something or like things if it makes them look good in the eyes of social media. Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. But use it for good, not for a social mirror because all you get is what the Queen saw in snow white ……
Until next time big love to my small circle of lovely people (and pets)

Big love as always

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