Remember the now

People talk about the past and how it was much better, they hate their job, and they feed this negative cycle. They create their life so they can change it how about live in the now not the past. I try to enjoy the time I have with friends and family to do things that make me happy and try not to mind what people think. I should not worry if we can afford something or if we can what will people think. I would say I am past caring what people think of me and my life but I still have a little way to go, I am learning to care about the people that matter in my life and not the people that try to tear into my life. I wish them well in their lives, but I don’t want negative people in my life stealing energy you can put to positive things! You can’t stop the tidal wave that is your future it is going to hit you anyway and you can’t change or re-live your past but you can enjoy the present for what it is! You will never get the time back like an amazing night out, we had one such time in Hull The AFC scrap pack were fighting on the 10th legion show we had all travelled down on mass (about 40 of us) the lads fought their hearts out with some wins and some losses, but as the night wound down everyone wanted to carry on the party. After we all got back to the hotel! having being told we were close to the Gay section of Hull’s night life Kerry (My mother hen of a wife when it comes to her kids the scrap pack) gave Micky Burns among others the talk about being respectful as it could be taken wrong if they are having a laugh. Micky is a beast while training (winning the European MMA title) also has somewhat of a reputation for drinking big and taking a giant leap off the map when he goes out !! Kerry need not have worried because in the first bar he was the first with his top off dancing with drag queens and along with a wide cross section of the AFC started to strip off like the end scene of the Full Monty! Mostly bare chested, posing routines and some of the campest dancing I have seen since watching a gay pride march. The night set off at an amazingly funny and bizarre rate! I was getting worried that we might cause a problem with the door staff but as Kerry pointed out it was the best free show that bar had ever seen with dozens of fit men dancing with Boas and anyone or anything they could dance with! As the bar was closing the door staff told us to go to their next pub as it was open late they obviously enjoyed the company of the AFC. We all went and to our surprise it had an old fashioned red telephone box inside the bar which became the focal point for the evening as we tried to see how many could fit in it, kerry thought it was not a gay pub and was worried it was the wrong one until we pointed the massive Bee-hived drag queen DJ who was screaming abuse to anyone that dared to set foot on dance floor with a drink, all adding to tone for the night! It was one amazing night that you can’t get back but the memories live on! Precious times are now as we will only see them once, if your eyes are looking to the past how can they see the present. Remember enjoy now!

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