Sands of time

Some time ago Kerry and I went on a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland to see John Edward (a spiritual medium) who we have watched for years, read all his books and were so excited to be seeing him in person. He was amazing, inspiring, but he was not the only thing that inspired us on the trip.

We were walking around this lovely city of Edinburgh, when we came across Jenner’s, an amazing shop, which had been there for over 170 years. It was a very expensive shop with a lot of high-end items but as we walked around comparing high prices with even higher prices, we saw an hourglass that would be perfect for our living room and was even more shocked to see the £22 price tag; result. So, we bought it as a memento of our travels. It made me think as I watched the sand slip down from the top to the bottom, like a metaphor for life. You could watch the time slip away as everyone dies sooner or later! It might have made me think a lot after hearing the readings of John Edwards as he gave messages from loved ones to the family and friends that had passed over. Life is fleeting and as we get older, we sometimes feel that time is running out to do the things we always wanted to do, for example decorate your home or save for that trip of a lifetime.

As a family we push ourselves constantly, setting goals and making lists of things to do and then set about doing everything to reach them. Once we have reached a goal, we tick it off and set a new one, and off we go again always moving forward without a backwards glance.

Life should be full of challenges and also you should learn something every day. Another thing happened on the way to the station, a young homeless man was sitting on the pavement, so we stopped to give him some money and his words taught me an amazing life lesson. As we gave him the money, he thanked us and said, “thank you, you are the first people to acknowledge me today!” as we walked away in shock, we said we would get more change and go back to him but due to a downpour, (as it is Scotland) he was nowhere to be found. How can people not see someone that live on the streets, how can they not care, there may be thousands of reasons why he is there, but this taught me a valuable lesson, one word or deed can make someone’s day!

As John Edwards says love and validate everyone in your life so that they know you care for them, so he does not have to be the one to give you the message.

Big love from the AFC

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