Smooth Talking

5K run, 1000 throws, 1000 sword cuts or a sponsored sparring marathon. When you think of Martial Arts for charity that’s what you think of but not…WAXING.

We wanted to find something “fun” to do to raise money for a very special school that helps so many children in a very positive way.
Rob Rebair who has been a very close friend for a long time and one of the A.F.C. longest training black belts (4th Dan) works at the school as a teaching assistant and brought are attention to the needs of the school. My lovely wife Kerry and niece Amy that front our admin at the gym, Kerry is the real boss (I’m the manual labour) and Amy is the gyms resident princess she has the lads wrapped around her little finger, Amy came up with the plan to make grown men cry (and they did). They harassed and press ganged people to partake and even took money off people so they didn’t have to do it.

The waxing took place in front of about 30 gym and family members; girls took great delight in watching their boyfriends suffer at the hands of Amy, pouring hot wax on armpits and then screaming! Long suffering wife’s laughed seeing their husbands with legs smoother than a babies bottom and we all laughed when one shouted ‘cream me’ at the top of his voice (we also put the footage on Face book). Some people needed more soothing cream then others, but everyone said the results were great (I am sure some of the leg waxing has been kept up!!)
The day ran very smoothly (ha ha) and everyone said they had a great time (liar’s) and in the end we raised £715.50!!

The story does not end there as a result of ours and the teachers, parents and many more sponsored events the school spent all summer installing a new boiler system, new kitchen and a new safe playground for all to enjoy!
My wife and I were invited to the schools open day to see the results and all I can say that the school is the friendliest, warm (no pun) and positive school I have ever had the pleasure to go to. We sat in amazement as the head master Chris Rollings started to sing “I want to build a mountain” in true Vegas style and then the children gave out handmade cards to those involved in helping their school out in so many ways! After cutting the ribbons for the new things a guided tour of the school and its facilities left Kerry and me speechless (and if you know Kerry that is very rare)
The day had a profound effect on both of us and we have vowed to work to try and help Hadrian school, Benwell over the coming months and years.

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