Social or anti-social

Social media websites such as Facebook and twitter has had an amazing effect on our lives and how we see things and hear about things in our daily life. Things around the globe are instantly put up so the rate of information we get is like instant coffee; instant. Weather it is good or bad news you find out about it as quickly as the story develops, a shooting, a plane crash or birth. In the older days when I was young you had to be glued to the television at certain times of the day waiting for the 1 o’clock news or news at 10 if you missed it you had to wait for the next newscast. Today they tell you anything as quickly as typing (not my typing because I only use two fingers) some of the things reported are so far from the truth but we are helpless to stop saying what they want when they want, it is the rise of the keyboard warrior! These keyboard trolls (good name) try to make people listen to their half-truths, no truths or completely made up stories normally to hurt the person it is aimed at like a kid at school that made up a story so people would not like you (bullies). As they say mud sticks, these sick people enjoy causing pain and heart ache to other people because it somehow makes them feel better or important it seems to be a power thing for them. I find it hard to believe people would spend their time being negative about people, but as they say bad news travels faster than good news, how insecure with their own lives are they that it is easier to try and belittle someone rather than build that person up for the good they are doing. This is a sad use of amazing technology that can connect people from all walks of life and heroes in your life. I talk to heroes of mine, people that I have read about watched them train and teach via YouTube and DVD (Video’s in the olden times) due to Facebook I talk to them and I still get the Star struck feeling when they take the time out of their lives to answer me, they are in reach now , they have jumped off the pages of a magazine and become real in my life and without social media I may well never struck up a conversation or been able to ask them a question from half way around the world. I get asked questions from all over the world and I can instantly answer them and it is flattering that people want to ask me questions about training and value my opinion. I would like to expand how many people I can touch in my life ( that sounds wrong) I can’t physically teach any more people than I am teaching at the minute unless I find a way to clone myself and be in 2 places at once. (If I have a breakthrough I will but it on twitter) So I want to make video’s and do E books and apps using all that the internet has developed to reach a bigger audience. I have seen some terrible on-line instructors that are by far not the best Martial Artists I have seen but they have marketed themselves to a high standard and are constantly putting out new material while all I do is complain about how bad the information is, I should stop watching them (because I get pissed off at the rubbish they are pushing a good information) and get off my own backside and do my own! Rant over I see the internet is an overall good thing but just like mobile phones people think they can’t live without them I still think no matter how good the information is presented to you in a martial arts sense or any other skill set you can’t replace seeing the person teach you the information or technique in person, Like watching Peter Kay live or getting the DVD, it’s just not the same you miss out of the feel of the energy of the occasion. Until that day the internet will still not replace the personal touch (that sounds wrong) Ironically you will be on the internet reading this and from the bottom of my heart I thank you for it! (Please feel free to tag 100 of your closest friends and share this on any forum you have access to …. Much appreciated) Until next time enjoy playing on the internet John Atkin

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