The hidden art of the Ninja

THE HIDDEN ART OF THE NINJA I live the life of a full time ninja, I spend my days training with weapons and learn how to kill people and teach others to do the same This was pointed out to me one morning when I was taking my oldest daughter Molly to school due to the ‘Heavy Rain’ that would ruin this morning’s hair creation. I was asking her what classes she would be doing and she said “Maths, English, History and then later P.E” then she asked what classes I had so I said “Grappling, Sword work, Ninjutsu, Kickboxing, Self-defence training (switched on self-defence of course) then a group class of Ninjutsu!” “Wow” she said “you’re a full time Ninja…” I have always tried to show Ninjutsu in a positive light and tried to show the good bits of the art and not get dragged into the watered down deluded art that seems to be around the world spread by the Master teachers of Master teachers and bulls**t artists that are living in a bubble thinking that they would be able to fight their way safely out of a giant paper bag if it attacked them. I love knowing about the History of Ninjutsu, how the techniques were developed and applied and more importantly how they are used today, as I have stated many times in my blogs, we are not a re-enactment society, we need to teach how to get you home safely. In fighting you need to know the fighting distance whether you have a sword or you are unarmed, the distance has to be of a fight if you get this distance wrong you are in danger. If I take the use of Kihon Happo (The 8 basic kata of movements illustrating Ninjutsu) Even when you do this you must consider the Maai (distance) it is this and the F**k up Factor (Sometimes, some where it will go wrong during the technique) If you start at the correct distance do the technique slowly and do it the best you can for your size and shape not your ukes, only then will it start to develop into the real way of doing it. The real way of doing it will become yours so when you move from the kata movement to jissen (real fighting) you will do it correctly. Real fighting, Sometimes this makes me laugh when people get excited about these words, I remember being on a Tai Kai in Middlesex in the 90’s when Hatsumi said we were going to do Jissen A mini roar went up in the crowd, I go overly excited because over the 3 days of training I had trained with a fair share of historical warriors that loved explaining the technique to me in fine detail so I would not have time to practice on them (so I would not hurt them) but a lot were very keen to hurt you with no ‘return’ policy. I was so looking forward to ‘Play’ as Hatsumi pointed out with technique. It was a huge disappointment when it was lunge right punch, left kick, right kick in a long and laboured technique, Hasumi worked his magic giving technique after technique for us to play with but with the correct fighting distance unlike most of the ‘real fighters’ in front of him, that may struggle opening a bag of crisps at the break if the bag gave them too much resistance. The point I am getting at is that if you look at Hatsumi Nagato and Noguchi to name a few of the outstanding teachers passing on this amazing art , they all use real distance and fight , they don’t make believe techniques and think that know-one is going fight back if the distance or the technique is of poor quality. Look at the techniques of Nagato (youtube him)he is strong but uses no strength His distance is of a real fight and his technique is amazing, this is a man you would not mess with. Secretly using ninjutsu in my teaching has always been a part of my teaching and training, the techniques you do not see or do not know are the ones that are going to work and hurt! One time (at band camp) I was training with my friend and Training partner in the Arts Garry Henderson(#DLTOON) when during a technique there was a gap In the time of Garry doing the technique so I head butted him, when he asked why I did it I said that he had took too long to do the movement So if you leave a gap or if you don’t fill the gap they should, whether doing Ninjutsu or anything else you train in. In kickboxing we us sneaky wrapping of the arm’s to tie up the other fighters arms so we punch and not get punched and we lock the elbow joint to soften the good punching arm (no we don’t ref) You can fake tired so the opponent becomes over confident and swarms in for the kill only to be greeted by a not so tired fighter that used the overconfidents to finish. When you spar use the elements of Ninjutsu (earth, water, fire, wind and void) unlike the band earth wind and fire (the mob handed 70’s group) these show you different ways of acting in a fight For example the Fire element will drive straight forward burning and overpowering (like Micky “ 3rd Degree Burns, former European middleweight champion) win lose or draw his opponents knew they had been in a fight. Sometimes you could use being a mix of the elements to confuse your opponent like switching to southpaw when you are an orthodox fighter thus using the void element. While teaching door staff and people in the security Industry there is a fine line between keeping your job and losing it and your liberty every day you put on your badge of office, so to keep the powers that be (pencil pushing big girls blouses), I mean management happy and all the bubble wrapped politically correct people that have never stood on the front line of danger, the closest they get to danger is being in the Marks and Spencer’s pre-Christmas rush in the food court. So to ‘help’ the door staffs job I will make it look like they are doing the job of a butler in a stately home escorting guests in and out of the front door but with a little helpful adjustments to aid the smooth and safe removal of the troublesome person. I can’t go into detail here but if you want further information contact me (through Switched on self-protection) and I will be more than glad to help you. (Shameless plug of my services; like a cheap wh**re flashing her boobs for attention) Always use Zanshin (state of awareness) I love to watch things, training techniques, people, I have to admit I love people watching. When I am out in a group I look like I am being quiet (when I am not seat dancing with Kerry) I watch what is happening around me subconsciously taking in everything. A new fun game I have developed on a Saturday morning is guessing what happened the night before and who they were, in true N.C.I.S fashion. If I spot a bottle on the ground (don’t you just love students!) normally you can guess the sex of the bottle owner due to the drink or if a straw is in it (girls use straws more than boys) I also see kebab trail of lettuce and red onion and abandoned wrist band for the club but the best game by far is the walk of shame. The walk of shame is when someone found a partner for the night (she is looking for Mr Right now not Mr Right) and have to make the slow shameful walk home with last night’s dancing clothes on or hoody borrowed from mister right now, I also love watching the stag do popping out for breakfast all trying not to be sick and the ego squad that are just getting ready to ‘get back on it’ when they look like they should stay well off it! My life is an interesting mix of ninjutsu techniques in my day to day life that is why I am a full time ninja be good be a ninja

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