The problem with being a Ninja…

Over the years I have been called many names (no not those names) about being involved with Martial Arts and Ninjutsu most times I have taken a lighthearted view of this but sometimes it can really P*** you off!
There have been many a time that people have passed on regards to “Ninja John”, thinking that it does not bother me, NEWS FLASH IT DOES! If I took something that you love to do and be part of for most of your life and threw it back in your face with an off the cuff remark how would you feel? Yes that’s right not happy would be an understatement.
In recent months Ninjutsu has been getting it fair share of bad press, but now the bad press is coming from Ninjutsu people themselves claiming this and that and bring my art that I hold so dear down to the level of a comic book hero or freak show!!!
Ninjutsu to me has always been a form of self-protection within an historical budo art, meaning I would like my art to work when I need it and not at the local re-enactment society meeting Tuesday and Saturdays (depending on the weather). Ninjutsu is a practical art for today’s enemy, a true protection art (when you apply it properly) that should save your life when you are your family or friends are under threat!
YouTube has a lot to answer for, letting people with wild ideas thinking they are The Lord High Ninja in their role playing game and believing their own hype and what is worse teaching other people to believe in their hype also!
I have trained and taught for many years and constantly come across the same view of Ninjutsu, “Are you going to teach me the death touch?” – The only death touch I know is touch my food and I will kill you!!!
“Don’t believe the hype,” as NWA would say come and see the Art of Ninjutsu and decide for yourself if it is a made up art or can it be used today like it has always been use to protect yourself with!
Bye for now I am just popping out to kill someone with my shuriken after I have taken out the guards of the castle and ran through the forest without being seen!
Lots of love
Deadly Ninja Warrior

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