Time Waster

In my last blog I talked about the people that drain you of energy and things you can do to avoid them, but you could be the person holding yourself back. You could be part of the one day gang, that sit and tell everyone that will listen their story about when they find the time or the money or when they are fitter etc. They will do X, Y and Z were in actual fact they will do fuck all but moan on and on about it for years to come! They now fall in the gang you would like to avoid …. How do you avoid yourself…..? I am sitting at my desk at the AFC writing from the notes I jot down when they spring to mind and this forms my blog, it is funny how my brain works. I have a rare hour off from training due to a cancellation so instead of messing around on Facebook or YouTube (I know you all do it) I am spending quiet time writing so I can get on with the important things that need to be done. It would be so easy to become distracted and waste the time I have doing things that are unimportant but seem to use up the time you have very easily and quickly, just like how on a day off your time slips away from right under your nose and you sit down after rushing around feeling like you have been a puppy chasing your tale. (We have a new member of the Atkin clan in the shape of a 10 week old cavalier King Charles spaniel called Neville and he is awesome) only this sad realization that it is back to work in the morning you think ‘where did the day go?’. Losing time or wasting time has long been a pastime for most people, just happy plodding on with life and sitting in the driveway of life enjoying the misery and heart ache this will cause but in some sick way enjoying being stuck there like Augusta Glup from Whilly Wonka’s chocolate factory when he falls in the chocolate river and then gets sucked up the pipe, he wanted the chocolate but then he did not want to get drowned by the stuff! People seem to enjoy being miserable and negative, don’t be like them. It is far too easy to join in with negative talk rather than being positive it takes a lot of courage not to do what everyone else does, (take it from me I was a full time martial arts coach when it was not trendy or fashionable) you are going to come up against negative people on a daily basis and it is how you deal with them or learn to avoid them. You don’t have to be nasty to these people just say you can’t talk about it if they try to draw you into negative circles (it’s like meeting group for negative people) or try to cut the chat short if someone on the phone starts going on and on about the same negative topic, this I am well used to due to the size of my family, try to stay away from the bitching and drama. Sometimes people become repeat offenders of the same gossip and assassination of someone in the family then when ask who said it they become the river in Egypt ‘De Nile ‘and after days of counter accusations and many side taking it is all brushed under the carpet until the next thrilling episode….. If you spend time with people you love enjoy the time don’t join in with negative comments all you do is become negative, don’t waste time dwelling on something that will just frustrate you and pull you down to the pit of negativity were they live. For example when you go on holiday you are spending time with your loved ones but sometime you think what people are going to say about you going ,’how can they afford that ? Look at them going to Florida thinking they are loaded, they will keep going on and on about it when they get back? These are all negative comments said by negative jealous people behind you back. What they don’t see is the years of saving and banking and organizing that goes into that 2 weeks in Florida, it is easier to create a negative out of it than say it will be amazing. I care less about what people think of me or my family or what we do in our lives because we have a great life and if you don’t like it don’t tell me because I don’t care! Everyone is waiting for the right time to do anything in their lives but I will let you into a secret… THERE IS NO RIGHT TIME! DO IT NOW! Don’t wait until it is too late for you do anything in your life, plan it dream about it and make it happen if you can get rid of the negative you will only have positive in your life and that has got to be more fun than negative. If you have ever been to a funeral of a loved one or someone you know and when you come out teary eyed with a pain in your chest that won’t go away just look around the world did not stop because of this sad event that is affecting your life so deeply everything just carried on, moving forward seemly not even noticing when your world has fallen apart, this is a sad truth. I love spending time with my Kerry, molly, Erin and now little Neville, what do you love? What do you enjoy to do and who do you like to do it with (no rude comments) do anything that makes you happy and always do it with a good heart because that is where you will find your positive in your life, stop wasting time on things that are unimportant and people that use you and make you feel guilty about it! No more mister nice guy on negative thoughts and people stop bitching about things you can’t change and start building on the things you can live life don’t waste it! Don’t be a time waster John Atkin

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