To tired to train…

Here we are in January, the month were you start again with the diet and the fitness and the healthy lifestyle.

But as I sit here writing this I have an eye infection (that accounts for my bad spelling as I can’t see, lol) my back is sore from the classes I have done all week and I am tired but still need to do my blog – don’t you just love homework at 42! Everyone and their dog has been ill before Christmas, during Christmas or in the New Year so the body has spent most of the time battling infection or the flu or the norovirus  that has been turning young and old into the little possessed girl out of the exorcist; not the swearing just the vomiting! 

After a few days of this your body is weak as a kitten and you feel less likely to overindulge in the festive spirit or food mountain. By the time you get yourself pulled around you are back at work as if you have never left and the feeling of Groundhog Day once again starts to play with your mind.

It could be that for months the days have been dark and cold. When you did get a warm day it still seems dark and uninviting in the morning, compared to a lovely bright sunny morning were you would spring out of bed – just kidding!
But your duvet never feels more cosy than until you wake up to the sound of rain, with the wind howling and the alarm clock shouting for you to take on the day, and all you want to do is turn back over and go back into hibernation (that sounds good to me) and then after a dull day, around about 4pm the darkness returns and the next day you repeat.

You can see why people jet off to the sun or the OAP population head for sunnier climates, with days filled with sun, bingo and a full English everyday for about 3 months. There is nothing worse than seeing a golden tan on a golden oldie, looking like they have just got off the set of Towie, just to make you feel like you should rob a bank and move to Tenerife (just kidding ……) where you can enjoy the sun the sea and a sit down.

If you are feeling this way or just recovering from one or all of the above things don’t be too hard on yourself, you can’t fight karma and it has happened, so, instead of that 50 set all over body building routine that you read from your sick bed during Christmas, scale it down a little bit and start off with a basic routine and gradually build up your strength and conditioning. If you have been inspired to fight in an MMA bout but don’t have the energy to train hard for it put it back for a month or so and get all of your skill sets back up to a standard, then when your energy returns fine tune your skills to peak at fight time .

I always get training DVDs for Christmas and I will sit and study them (or fall asleep if I am snuggly and warm in bed) but after my power/Nanna nap I will want to work on these new things. Instead of jumping guard and trying all of them out and not remembering any one of them correctly, I pick one or two to practice, stick with them for a few weeks /months then try another two and add them into my training so they work well and I don’t get confused and frustrated!

So it may not be the best start to the year; but it has started and there is nothing you can do about it.

So pick what you are going to do, do it to your best abilities and don’t worry how long it takes you to do it (oooh eer sounds rude! lol)

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Lots of love

John Atkin xx

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