what is in a name

When amazing Tina Turner made the brave decision to leave her abusive husband Ike, to everyone’s amazement she only wanted to keep her name; that she did, and her star has shone bright because of that decision every since. When Jonny Cash song about “a boy named Sue” the father in the song meeting his son after settling their differences in a blood and dirt all out fight told him he gave him the name to make him grow up tough because he new he would not be around to guide him into manhood. People have always been impressed, honoured, frightened, and ridiculed by names. Through the centuries names have struck fear in the masses by even the whisper of Genghis khan, Hitler, and Jack the Ripper; evil people that could strike fear into millions by their mere mention. In a poll a few years ago (not a man from eastern Europe) came up with the results that Jesus, Ali and Elvis were the most popular people worldwide. I have always amazed me that people may not know you, but they assume things about you when people say your name. When you are in school, some people fell into different categories i.e., the hard lads, the swots, the popular and the weirdos. So, if a name was mentioned you would immediately but them to the group like separating different fruits. Like I have mentioned before during high school I was referred to as J-R (like off Dallas) or Ninja John (as I did ninjutsu or ninja) As a full-time ninja this has backfired somewhat as the Name calling has become my career; so, fuck your haters. I think everyone should have kept this up into adult life so if you played football, you should be known as 5-aside-mick or dawn the flute player. As I got more noted as a Martial Artist people would change the way they acted around me when I introduced myself, some would try to show off in front of me and others go out of their way to tell me how hard they were (as Shaina twain said, “that don’t impress me much!”) Also, people would use me as a threat to other people that I did not know about, which lead people to think that I was “after them “. Those that truly know me would know I am not that type of person and I would not hit or threaten anyone unless it was truly necessary. I try to be fair and respectful to everyone I meet, but that has not stopped people trying to badmouth me to feed their ego and try and make people dislike me; but as I have said before if you truly know me who would you believe. Sometimes when I go out I would sneak into a pub and only say goodbye to the Doorman, as I found they sometimes had a habit of checking on me to see if I was fighting or if I did see them in the bar they would ask ne who I was looking for and my answer would be Guinness lol.

In Martial Arts circles I have found that sometimes when I ask to go on courses they are suddenly ‘closed courses’ or full, just so I can’t attend. I love training more than teaching, so I get hurt (I do have feelings, but mostly it is just about food) I just want to learn things.

Also, when I teach courses or offer to teach self-defence or Ninjutsu (among others) some people in the same fields are unwilling to invite me due to some Bulls**t reason, then try to teach the same style course to a captive audience who fall for their bulls**t (controversial)

I am just saying how I feel my name has also become synonymous with the AFC and if any one that throws mud at the AFC they are throwing at me (Kerry and my girls) and I will not stand for that. I will defend myself and my family with all my soul. Someone said picture yourself at your own funeral what would you think people would say about you and what would their memories about you be. In the end your name provokes emotions in other people, hopeful when I go to my own funeral I have left a good impression. when you leave this mortal coil, it is how you made people feel that is the most important thing; hopefully good

Until next time

Big love from John Atkin and the AFC


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