You are feeling very sleepy

Who doesn’t love a nanna nap, where you just drift off into sleep with no cares in the world. Having a nap is lovely, but what happens when you feel you can drift off at any time?

Since my nose had been broken in three different places (never go to those places again) my snoring was reaching a peak and after countless ‘discussions ‘during the night with Kerry I went to the doctors to see what they could do about it (before Kerry killed me in my sleep). I was beginning to wonder as she was watching documentaries about true crimes and how to commit the perfect murder…

To my surprise I was told it is not my nose or my asthma it was sleep apnoea. I was given an online test to do with the doctor and as I was always good with tests I score 19 out of 23 which is good for a test but not for sleep apnoea. Kerry had to fill a questionnaire in because she would be able to tell the signs and fill in the blanks so to speak.

I was feeling very tired and could nod off nearly anywhere; even when Kerry was talking to me. I could not stop feeling tired, but I had just put it down to getting older, teaching a lot and my asthma, but this was news to me.

Sleep apnoea is when your airways close, so you stop breathing and then gasp for air, in the sleep test I stopped breathing between 15 and 20 times per hour and one time was up to 40 seconds long. This shocked me, but at least I found out what was happening to me. The doctor said I may have had it untreated for up to 10 years; no wonder I was getting worse. If I was at the gym and had a break in my classes I would easily fall asleep only to be woken up by the buzzer by my next class.

I would try and watch television but wake up one hour later missing my programme and wondering when it got dark. Also, with sleep apnoea when you wake up during the night you brain sends a message to your kidneys that you need the loo, so every night I would fall asleep wake up gasping for air go to the toilet get back into bed fall asleep ‘Snore’ Kerry would tell me to turn over and then off I would go to the toilet again ; waking up tired sore and unrested .

A lot of this would also explain why I never healed from injuries and in constant pain. When I got diagnosed the doctor informed me that I would not be able to drive due to the high risk of falling asleep behind the wheel, even after much pleading saying that I have never dropped off while driving he retorted the first time could be my last. So, to add insult to injury I had to inform the DVLA that I could not drive and would have to travel by peasant wagon. But as every cloud has a silver lining, I was able to catch up with my reading. Now I am still very tired and can sleep for England, but I am able to drive again but only short distances and I am monitored by the DVLA. I sleep in a very attractive mask that Kerry calls my Rocket man, but I think I am a pilot during the war just setting off on a bombing raid. In time I should begin to start to feel better and more rested but until then I will just try and rest when I can and leave the rest up to medical science.

Until next time

Big love from the AFC


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