Bookable Courses

Switched On Self-Protection

At the AFC we teach self-protection for all walks of life, we teach:


Pre- cursers to confrontation and the signs

In fight reactions and pre- emptive measures

Pre-emptive strikes

Pre-emptive restraints and the law

Post fight and aftermath

Adrenal switches and effect

Continual learning curve

This is taught as a course that is designed to give you real-time feedback of the cause and effect of real life situations.

This is done quarterly so check on the events page for dates.


Kick Ass Girls

At the AFC we will teach you how to be safe in your daily life, so that you can see the dangers before they happen and the physical response to actual confrontation.

We will also walk through the minefield of adrenaline path and the effect it has on your body and life!

Don’t let fear stop you from doing what you want with your life, learn to create a healthy state of fear!

This will be your first step to a better life

This is taught on a quarterly basis, all dates will be on the event page.

weapons courses available