COVID-19 Guidelines

  1. Buzz for the AFC, give your name and please keep to the right hand side while coming up the stairs. There should be no-one leaving as we have structured the classes for this, but it is a communal building so be wary of others.
  1. Entrance is the normal door (to the right), hand sanitise your hands  at the unit on the left hand side. All doors are pegged open and also wiped down throughout the day. You will be told which door to leave by as we are using a one way system.
  1. No changing rooms are available due to social distancing so come ready.
  1. Please pay at reception, also please stay behind the screen. Card payments or bank transfer if this is possible.
  1. Before you enter the mats re-sanitise your hands at the unit on the left hand side.
  1. You need to bring your own equipment.
  1. Classes will finish 10mins earlier than usual so we can wipe down bags before the next class comes in.
  1. Please remember the one way system we have in place, and keep to the right while going down the stairs, they should be no-one coming up as we have structured the classes for this, but it is a communal building.
  1. All our instructors will be wearing masks. We would like all students to wear one as well unless under the age of 11 or due to medical reasoning.
  1. We have a booking in system on our facebook page, this is due to limited spaces for social distancing, also for Track and Trace.
  1. Any cones we use for social distancing within the children’s classes are all cleaned after each class
  1. Only 1 parent per child and the parent must wear a mask & hand sanitise their hands.

Kids Classes 

The class will consist of social distancing at all times, we will make sure they sanitise their hands, instructors are there to make sure this is adhered to. Training will be in line with government covid guidelines so your child can still learn while being protected.


The class will consist of shadow work, then basic hand strikes and kick work. You must wear your own gloves and, if partnered with a member of your family or someone within your bubble, you may use your own pads. To ensure the safety of yourself and others, no pads from the gym can be used.

There is no sparring allowed at this time. 


This follows the same format as kickboxing.


At this time we are learning the Japanese terms alongside the stances. There is strictly no partner work. 

Weapons training can only be taught with your own equipment, which must be covered while travelling to and from the premises.

Switched On 

We are working on defensive striking and the effect of adrenaline on the body using bags (which are cleaned after every class). You must bring your own gloves as non are provided.

Blast class

This class consists of 6-8 rounds (varies each week), each round consists of bag work for 3 minutes, with a bodyweight exercise in the 30 seconds between rounds. Within the break between rounds, bags will be cleaned. You must wear your own gloves.

We have everything in place to make sure you will have a great class in a healthy and safe environment and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Big love from the AFC