Waiting to explode

When your life feels like it wants to change, and you try, and try to make it happen, but it feels like a slow burning ember fuse that is attached to a 105-round firework; yes, that feeling. I know the problem and it is me! I may come over as a cheeky, fun loving character but there is a shy boy that sometimes does not let the cheeky part of me out. Sometimes I am my own worst enemy (can’t we all be at times). I do struggle with my own mind when it comes to bigging myself up, firstly […]

  Life as a leaf

Nev loves chasing leaves, catching, and tearing them apart as we go for a walk; this is his best season, he loves leaves. I was thinking about the life journey of a leaf as I look at an overly excited King Charles Cavalier run around in a sea of leaves like a kid in a ball pit, then coming out shattered and panting; and that is just the kids. When you see the buds just coming out on the branches they look so fragile but with so much potential just as we see a little baby born with everything waiting […]

Levels of frustration

In every part of your life you feel different levels of frustration, from when you are a baby to adulthood the level goes up and down, but it is always there in the background. Watching a baby cry for everything it needs, parents then develop a 6th sense of what the cry means, like decoding the Morse code. As the baby begins to turn over it firstly brings its knee up and flicks it out to create enough momentum to turn over then promptly cries; funny little things. Then once it has learned how to turn over, it starts to […]

£5 for a kids class

How far does £5 go these days; I will answer for you, not far. So, when this comes in an enquiry, both myself and my lovely wife and head of admin Kerry we both point out what you are getting in the children’s clubs. Firstly, we recommend you pay as you go for the first four weeks to see if your little one enjoys it, if they do not join in at first and just watch then you get your money back until they join in the fun. We know children get excited about training and want to buy everything […]

one year on ” A date with “The Dark Destroyer”

                                          A DATE WITH “THE DARK DESTROYER” When you get a text “Do you want Nigel Benn to teach at the gym? What do you text back? This was the text I got in July and it sent me into a spiral, thoughts of the ex-world boxing champion standing in the ring at the AFC, teaching how he became one of the most exciting fighters in the world was just too good to pass up so I said yes. The Day […]

Nobody puts John in the corner?

Nobody puts John in the corner? This statement is so true. Life as a cornerman is a massive learning curve just as learning to be a fighter is, but it is a massively underrated part of the martial arts sports scene. I never even thought of being a cornerman because when I was younger I was fighting.  As part of my ninjutsu training we regularly sparred both upright and on the ground so I never thought anything of it. In the olden days because there was not the abundance of interclub or fight shows where people could try out their […]

Out of context

In this high-tech world of the internet, twitter, Facebook, among other leading ways for the world to communicate things can and do get taken out of context. As I have mentioned before in past blogs, that I do Movember, were this started as a negative and the Atkin family have changed it into a positive. I grow a beard in the month of November in memory of my father that died of cancer when I was 20 so to give back to Macmillan I started to do this. Every day I posted a photo of myself and my growing beard […]

One hour per week

How many hours do you work in a week, is it 20, 30, 40 or more? What do we do with our time when we are not at work; some people come to learn martial arts. I see it as my duty to give 100% to each class I teach whether it is a private class or group. Firstly, I have a system set up in my brain that makes me remember the class I have previously done; It is my shoe shop. In my mind, I run a shoe shop where all my students have a shoe box full […]

Toy Story

Sitting waiting for a private class to come in and my mind drifts to how many times I have sat on the floor waiting for people to come and learn the arts I teach. My mind drifts back to all the people I have taught in my martial arts career, when I made the leap to teach fulltime, there were very few instructors making a living at doing that unlike today; martial arts have become so like the consumer culture of today;   A toyshop of Martial arts. I think back to when I started the arts, I had to […]

Professional writer

On April 1st(no joke) I published my first book. “Ramblings of an AFC coach” and I was full of mixed emotions. For years, I have been writing and publishing blogs and this book is made up of just that, years of writing blogs; painstakingly put into order and tidied up to become a book. If I had told my 14-year-old self I would be good at writing (so modest), and that I would love writing, I would have thought my future self to have turned quite mad; But here I am with a book published by create space self-publishing. I […]